The solution for printing Laser

PostScript Level 3 RIP for Laser Printers

Better Quality:
Profiling your media in a few steps and get bright, accurate colors and more neutral grays thanks to the integrated module "Power Profiler".

More Productivity:
Client Flow Manager Mac / PC, imposition, duplex calibration, many utilities at hand .

Less consumption:
Optimize the use of toner for lower consumption, the calculation of the files.
Powerful color management
  • Powerful integrated Color Management System (CMS)
  • Management of different ICC profiles for each item on the pasteboard and different color spaces within the same file
  • Test of the profiles (soft proofing) with double image preview, with the reference profile and printer profile for immediate verification of color fidelity
  • It is the advanced proprietary color management module that operates within the Rip integrating perfectly with the linearization modules.
  • Allows you to create ICC PROFILES and DEVICE-LINK , without requiring the use of complex iterative methods, while maintaining full compatibility with the ICC standard with the guarantee of high quality color reproduction superior to that achieved with external third-party profilers.
  • simple and powerful management of the print flow through the creation of rules and routes.
  • Connect the Hot Folders to slot Flow Manager and send print files with simple drag & drop.
  • Make and replicate complex workflows without fear of making mistakes.
  • " It allows the creation and management of various formats, such as: booklets, manuals, double-sided business cards, etc ... through the interface on the pasteboard to create new rules for the automatic imposition.
  • Application of crop marks for trimming.
Recalibrate the printer colors
  • Fast integrated recalibrating of the printer through a simple reading of a chart.
Duplex Compensation
  • Compensation of centering and the two-sided printing (duplex) for each different paper paths.
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